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Very nice interview with the boss published in our local newspaper Click HERE to read.

(Credit to Cheri Shelhart, Kankakee Valley Publishing)



Our Staff. Check the About Us page to learn more.



We have a lovely Bonanza for sale and the price just went down a LOT. Could be in your budget now! (4/24)


PRICE DROPPED! on the Tiger listed on the For Sale page. Take a look, or take another look!

Added a new page to the 'Parts for Sale' department. (11/12) for consignment items.



NEW FEATURE ADDED to our site! Still a work in progress, we are listing for sale a whole BUNCH of aircraft parts, some for Grummans and some for others. Click the 'For Sale' button and drop down to 'Parts' for a look!


NEW BUS SERVICE ANNOUNCED to Jasper County Airport! Lafayette Limo, which runs a route between Indy and Chicago-OHare is adding our location as a scheduled stop. For now, reservations are required, call 765-497-3828 for details.

Excel-Air is pleased to announce that we are now a factory-authorized installation/service facility for Electroair electronic ignition systems.


Check out our PMA approved Defroster Vents!! An improved design replacement for vents on all AA-1 and AA-5 series aircraft, click HERE for more details!!

As part of our mission, we are now administering the organization of Mercy Flight. To find out how you can participate, visit Mercy Flight


So where is Jack?

Jack Hamstra was a valued member of the staff for 11 years. Early in 2018 he and his wife Angie made the tough decision to follow a calling and use his skills and experience supporting the Mission Aviation Fellowship. They applied and were accepted and will be moving their whole family (3 kids) to somewhere in Indonesia at a MAF base, keeping planes in the air for a very worthy cause. His companionship will be missed at Excel-Air but all of us fully support the mission he has accepted. (UPDATE): 2/2019 Jack is currently undergoing type-specific training and will be moving before the end of summer!


With more than 90 years combined experience among our friendly technicians, Excel-Air Services has been a leader in the general aviation industry with exceptional quality aircraft modification and maintenance services.

Our high standards mean that you can relax knowing that the work on your aircraft has been done thoroughly and without cutting corners.  One of our goals is that your airplane leaves our shop a better airplane than when it came.  We communicate closely with you, so that you have more confidence and a better understanding of your plane.

Mission Statement

It is our intent, as employees of Excel-Air Services, Inc., to provide excellence of service to our customers through all aspects of their experience with us; from initial contact, through receiving their completed aircraft back from us.

As part of our mission, we are now administering the organization of Mercy Flight. To find out how you can participate, visit mercyflightindiana.com