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Excel-Air Services has acquired over the years a respectable number of airworthy or serviceable aircraft parts. Many are for Grumman airplanes, some are universal, and some are for other brands. In these pages we will try to list all parts by their original manufacturers part number in groups of like items, 50 parts per page, but in no particular order. If you have the part number of an item, you can use the 'find' feature (Ctrl+F) on an appropriate page to see its listing if we have it. Otherwise scroll thru the descriptions and/or pictures. If you don't find what you're looking for, please call or email, it may be that it isn't listed here yet.

Note that plastic parts may have blemishes or repairable defects due to age. Defects will be listed in descriptions of those parts where possible.

Pre-owned Parts listings are a work-in-progress and thus will change as items are sold or added. Check periodically for new offerings.


Grumman Parts

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004S Tailcone Assembly 5103012-501 ABS plastic, small cracks at some screw holes (repairable) AA5x, AG5 $75.00 SOLD
001SStep Assembly R. 5804017-502 includes interior doublers SOLD
002SStep Assembly L. 5804017-501 includes interior doublers SOLD
005SWingtip L. 5804012-507 includes nav light lens and screw clips. NO LIGHTS 260.00
006SWingtip R. 5804012-508 includes nav light lens and screw clips. NO LIGHTS 260.00
007SELT/Rear inspection covers 103012-3(L.), -4(R.) 62.00 each
008SHorizontal Stabilizer Fairings 5302048-501 110.00 each
009SCanopy Assembly 5102275-501 includes latch assy., glass, liners, visor brackets. Slide rails and tracks NOT included. 850.00
010SSeat mounting Bracket set 5102329-# as shown front seats only 250.00 (L) 200.00 (R)
011SRear seatback supports 5102335-1(L.), -2(R.) supports seatback on spar when folded forward 40.00 pair
012SSpar to floor panel 5102384-501 (L.), -502 (R.) SOLD
013SGlareshield deck 5102381-501 includes 1 speaker and original defroster vents. Has raised hump for radio stack. Will need recovering to look nice. SOLD
014SWing Root/Wingwalk R. 5201174-504 Call
015S Wing Root/Wingwalk L. 5201174-503 Call
017SSump Cover L. 5701050-1 (ABS plastic may have some repairable cracks.) 70.00 SOLD
018SSeat Belt Set Complete 5102383-# includes all front and rear belts and shoulder restraints with hardware. Black webbing. Mfd by Indiana Mills. 400.00 SOLD

019S Seat Belt Set, Lap belts ONLY 5102383-# Front lap belts by Indiana Mills, Rear belts by Hooker, black webbing.


020SPitot Mast (heated) PH502-12 includes spar bracket #5804008-1 425.00
021SPanel Lite Side Cover assembly L. 5102338-503 includes lamp socket. AA5B decal. 20.00 SOLD
022S Panel Lite Side Cover assembly R. 5102338-502 includes lamp socket. 20.00
023SVertical Card Magnetic Compass NON-OEM with windshield mounting bracket. Mfd by Precision Aviation Inc., Houston TX P/N PAI-700, S/N 25897. Lighted. 155.00
024SWing Assembly Inboard Section R. 5200003-508 (partial) outboard section has been removed. Time in service 1620.8 hours. Logbooks available HERE. Factory wiring and internal plumbing included. Call
025SWing Assembly Inboard Section L. 5200003-507 (partial) outboard section has been removed. Time in service 1620.8 hours. Logbooks available HERE. Factory wiring and internal plumbing included. Call
026SBearing Assembly-Flap Torque Tube 201180-501 for inboard at wing root. Available with or without new bearing insert. SOLD
027SBracket, Canopy Latch 5102277-11, includes pin 5102277-17, shims 5102277-13, striker 5102277-10 Call
028SWingtip Strobe Set (Aeroflash) 73-140 + X2RDA. 2 power supplies plus 2 flashtubes plus 1 switch. Working, tested. 175.00
029STail Light Assembly A2064-A-1-1777 75.00
030SGlareshield Eyebrow 5102238-1, and -2, includes light sockets 140.00 SOLD
031SWHELEN LED Landing Light NON-OEM 01-0771424-10 Parmetheus 14 Volt, 100 hours in service. SOLD
032SCowl Door Assembly complete 5101028-#, includes hinges 5101030-#, support rods 5101025-#, latch pins 5101029-#, oil door 101019-503 T.B.A.
033SFlap Assembly R., 5203018-502 650.00
034SAileron Assembly R., 5202035-502 includes trim tab 3800.00
035SFlap Assembly L., 5203018-501 650.00
036SAileron Assembly L., 5202035-501 includes trim tab 3800.00
037SAileron Torque Tube 5202035-505 280.00 exch.
038SFlap Torque Tube 5604055-501 120.00
039SAileron Counterweight R. 5202305-502 180.00
040SAileron Bearing outboard 902010-501 includes new bearing insert. 106.00 each
041SFlap Bearing outboard 5201180-501 includes new bearing insert. 65.00 each
042SAileron Counterweight L. 5202305-501 180.00
043SElevator Tip 5302052-1 (ABS plastic may have repairable minor cracks at screw holes)  
044SHorizontal Stabilizer Assembly 5302050-501 includes hinges 5000.00 exch.
045SElevator Assembly R., 5302044-502 (does NOT include trim tab) Call
046SElevator Trim Tab R. 5302047-502 includes hinge pin and lever 480.00
047SElevator Trim Tab L. 5302047-501 includes hinge pin and lever 480.00
048SElevator Assembly L. 5302044-501 (does NOT include trim tab) Call
049SElevator Bellcrank Assembly 5302045-501, -502 225.00
050STrim Tab Yoke Assembly 5302053-503 225.00
051SRudder Assembly 5302038-502 includes wire for beacon 1900.00 exch.

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